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Looking forward to learning and growing with colleagues in VA!

Posted on: 31 Jul 2017

Stories of teaching and change, part 1

Posted on: 29 Jul 2017

We’re one day into the DPL conference in Vancouver. In my writing track we’ve already created a collaborative poem about teaching, talked about audiences and challenged our assumptions about what is good writing. Inspired by our homework yesterday (to write a short story about teaching) and the poem, I decided to ask some colleagues and …

A Mission of Fellowship

Posted on: 27 Jul 2017

Connecting & Collaborating with the Digital Pedagogy Lab Co-authored by Brad Hinson (ThinqStudio PI), Remi Kalir (Co-PI), Pamela Laird (Co-PI), and Michael Zinser (Co-PI). “Critical Digital Pedagogy demands that open and networked educational environments must not be merely repositories of content. They must be platforms for engaging students and teachers as full agents of their …